Hi there and welcome to today’s blog post!

Today I would like to share some thoughts with you that are in regards of mindfulness in today’s busy world and how to slow down a little.

I am sure you agree, that today’s world is quite a fast-paced one. We have so many possibilities, technologies and knowledge available within seconds. It is a wonderful advantage and blessing but at the same time it can be too overwhelming and a curse.

By nature, our brain seeks to find comfort in the discomfort. Every single day we have a lot of thoughts crossing our mind and not a moment (rarely) goes by without a thought. On top of it, most of us tend to only think about negative matters, such as problems, worries, anxious topics or any other challenges we might experience.

But only because we are wired one way, doesn’t mean we cant re-wire our brain. If you are fortunate enough and don’t have to think about how to survive on a daily basis, then you most likely have the possibility to expand your thinking and occupy your mind with different matters.

We get lost in overthinking so easily. Are you familiar with it too?

What I would like you to understand though is, that we have a choice. We have the choice to take one minute -60 seconds- and just BE. Do nothing. Think nothing. Step back from overthinking.

Take a deep breath together with me. Might even close your eyes whilst doing so. Just be. If you dare, take another breath, another mindful minute. Just be in the space you are in right now and take those few breaths just for you. Nothing else matters. Just. YOU.

See, it is that easy!!

How do you feel afterwards? Did thoughts come up? Did you start commenting on how you felt whilst doing it? Did you try ignoring thoughts? Did you get distracted by a noise? Did you drift off completely and thought about tomorrow’s to do list?

Fear not my friend, some of the above reactions and many more are completely normal, especially if you are not used to take a mindful minute just to yourself.

However, although it may not feel like it yet, I would like to challenge you to try this every day. Take a mindful minute, take a few deep breaths and do nothing.

If you feel like it, extend the time and breaths. I do encourage you though to try do this every day.

If some resistance comes up straight away and thoughts cross your mind saying “I don’t have time for this”, “I don’t need this, I’m fine, I’m not good at this”, I urge you to ask yourself and those passing thoughts the question: But why not?

No matter how good (or bad) you feel, claim this moment of the day for you. Make it your me-time and make it your priority.

It may not seem like much, but I PROMISE you, you will feel the difference. You might feel like you want to extend the time and breaths and I am already celebrating this moment for you.

If you still have doubts and you are unsure, let me ask you the following:
How much time every day, a week, a month do you have set aside for yourself in your calendar?

How much me-time and self-care (yes, this is a form of self-care), have you implemented in your life?

And now look at your calendar again and think about all the time you have scheduled for tasks, appointments, work, hobbies and other people.

I bet most of it is all for outside of yourself, but do you take time to meet up with yourself and your mind and spend some inside- time together?

One tip that I would like to give you before finishing this post is to try out different times of the day and see when it suits you best. Do you have the time in the morning to take a mindful minute? Or during lunch? How about the afternoon? Or maybe when it is bedtime?

A day (12 hours) has 720 minutes! Do you think you can spare a few minutes out of those 720 and spend mindfully, breathing consciously doing nothing?

And if not, what do you think you need to do to make time for those few minutes a day?

I would love to hear more, please leave me a comment of yours and let me know how the above sounds. Are you implementing mindful minutes already into your day? How often and how do you do it? There is no right or wrong.

I’m looking forward to reading from you.

With my best intentions and love,




Posted by:CorneliaKr

I am a life coach.

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