With a strong background of 10+ years in the cooperate environment, I have an excellent understanding when it comes to result-driven environments, companies, leadership, teams and individual employees.

I am regularly coaching teams and individuals in a global-leading technology company to help with subjects such as:

– Stress management

– Increasing productivity

– How to handle changes & challenges

– Soft-skill improvements

– Work- and life balance

– How to stay motivated at inspired at work

– How to communicate effectively

– Innovative thinking

– Group coaching

If you are looking to improve the following areas (or more) for your business, employees or for yourself, please book in for a free consultation call or a first coaching session.

  • Improving productivity
  • Career development
  • Professional development
  • Skills & competencies development
  • Work- and life balance
  • Staying motivated and inspired at work
  • Business development and set up
  • How to handle social challenges at work


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